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Danny Cahill was a contestant on the 8th season of The Biggest Loser.

He was the winner. He received $250,000.


Danny was overweight from age 7 to 15. He knew that he would be ridiculed in high school so he worked hard and lost 75 pounds. Danny became very popular and was the envy of all the guys. Being in a band also added to his allure. However, after high school his weight steadily increased through the years.

Danny currently coaches his son's football team each year and would love to be able to do more with his young, energetic children. Walking around with over 427 pounds all day is exhausting, and taking care of himself has always come second to taking care of everyone else.

Danny feels his children are following in his footsteps and are starting to struggle with their weight. His seven-year-old daughter has been caught hiding in the kitchen and secretly eating. His son, although athletic, is starting to be rewarded for his size because of his performance in football. Danny's wife also struggles with weight and should lose about 100 pounds. Danny needs "The Biggest Loser" to save him from this unhealthy lifestyle. He does not want to leave his wife and children early in life.


He was on a team with Liz Young.

Where are they now[]

Danny Cahill is currently the owner of, a self-help, motivational company helping people overcome the obstacles in the way of their success. Danny has travelled the world speaking to companies such as Chick-fil-A, Gorton's Fish, Williams Co., and many more. He speaks for charities, churches and organizations helping their members and employees get past the "I Can't" mentality and get involved in their lives. Companies that Danny has worked with have seen an increase in participation with wellness programs as well as an overall increase in productivity as their motivation has increased.

Danny writes a motivational blog at and he can be reached via Email at Danny also played a part in the movie "A Christmas Snow" as the food critic and has begun writing and recording music which is available on his website as well as Danny has authored two books which are only available at his events and on his website ( The first is a book of motivational thoughts named "239 Pounds, 239 Thoughts" and features thoughts compiled from his journey on The Biggest Loser from those around him and himself. The second book is a 30-day journal to Success in which Danny takes the reader on a journey of discoveries that help them pinpoint those things that are holding them back in achieving their goals. He is currently working on "Lose Your Quit" and a novel of his story through his wife Darci's eyes. There is interest in the latter becoming a full feature movie. He also has written a pilot for "Second Chance" which is a proposed reality show about people who need a second chance in life, not only for weight issues, but life issues.

The Biggest Loser[]

  • Starting BMI: 60.0
  • Starting weight: 430 lbs
    • Week 1: -24 lbs
    • Week 2: -12 lbs
    • Week 3: -4 lbs
    • Week 4: -8 lbs
    • Week 5: -10 lbs
    • Week 6: -15 lbs
    • Week 7: -12 lbs
    • Week 8: -12 lbs
    • Week 9: -17 lbs
    • Week 10: -12 lbs
    • Week 11: -16 lbs
    • Week 12: -59 lbs
    • Finale: -38 lbs
  • Ending weight: 191 lbs
    • Weight lost: 239 lbs / 55.58%
  • Ending BMI: 26.6