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Estella is a loving, caring, spiritual, and kind person. She can be very strong in times of crisis, or when she is passionate about something/someone. She often prioritizes caring for grandkids and out-of-town family and does not get regular exercise. Estella admits she can no longer hide behind her excuses as to why she cannot exercise or eat better. She confesses her love of baked goods; and says that providing lots of snacks around the house for grandkids and cooking for the family brings her comfort. Estella's youngest sister passed away last year due to morbid obesity-related complications, adding a constant reminder of her own need to act quickly to be at a healthier weight. Estella loves to dance and music gets her motivated. She's is ready to make drastic changes to have more energy to keep up with her soon-to-be-healthier hubby and her grandkids, who bring her great joy. Estella says, "I am not a shrinking violet!" So, watch out other contestants!

The TeamEdit

Estella and Jerry met in high school, married and weathered 41 years of fun and difficulty times as a team. Together, they twice lost a lot of weight. As contestants, they look forward to the opportunity to make the major changes needed for a better future and quality of life (including playing with grandkids and dancing more)!

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