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Filipe is energetic and spontaneous, and has been told that he should be a comedian by many, even strangers. He has never wanted to pursue comedy because 99.9% of his jokes are fat jokes and fat is not something he wants to be. Filipe did not start gaining weight until high school and used his asthma as an excuse to not work out and be healthy. He comes from a family of nine; one of his siblings died accidentally at a very young age and Filipe has blamed himself for years because it was his responsibility to watch him. Since then, he has had a great love for family and been very protective of each and every one of them. By losing weight this will show his family that he leads by action, not just by words.

The TeamEdit

With over 60% of Tongans being obese, this Tongan team is ready to break the trend. Determined and strong, they love competition and winning. Together, they are fun, outgoing and crazy. They will push it to the limits and make you fall in love with them on the way there. They come from a very strong, close family and many have mistaken them for brothers. They are ready to take back the knowledge they learn on the ranch and prove to the Tongan community that losing weight can be done.

Where are they nowEdit

He along with Sione accussed Jillian of forcing them to do drugs.