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Helen is a very outgoing, friendly and caring mom of three. She has always put her friends and family before herself, which has left her with little time to care for her own needs, including a proper diet. Helen fell into the fast food routine; it was simple and worked with her busy schedule. She was not always heavy and once the weight was gained she found herself not able to enjoy the physical activities she once loved to do. Now instead of taking a hike, she finds herself sitting on the couch watching the Travel Channel while eating ice cream. Helen says she and her husband have become each other's enablers and this only makes it harder to lose the weight. Helen and her husband keep the fridge stocked with all their favorite junk foods that she cannot resist. Helen knows she needs to be on the show to become a better role model for the people she loves, and above all, for herself.

The TeamEdit

Helen and Shanon are a down-to-earth mother-and-daughter team who could pass as sisters. They are extremely competitive and love to laugh. Shanon and Helen are both gorgeous women who have a zest for life. They leave everyone they meet with a smile on their face. Helen would do anything to help her daughter, especially because she feels she did not provide enough for Shanon when she was growing up.

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