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Jerry is a dedicated father who has always worked hard for everything in his life. He is honest, outgoing, funny and has a huge heart. Working as a police officer for over 25 years, Jerry has had to balance the wacky shift schedules along with the stress that comes with the job. But Jerry suffers from multiple health risks. He could possibly be the most unfit person to walk on the Biggest Loser campus. It has always been convenient for him to stop at any fast food place during his shifts, on his breaks or at the end of a shift before heading home. The poor food choices, along with working extra hours just to pay the bills, have really taken their toll on Jerry and caused him to packed on many extra pounds. As a former athlete, he is constantly wishing he had the extra push to fill those voids.

The TeamEdit

As a hardworking, fun and dedicated father/daughter duo, both are motivated to start living the best possible life by being healthy and fit. A true equation for entertainment, these two will inspire you with their drive for life. Both born and raised in Cleveland, they are not only good company, but great competition. Jerry feels that with the help and inspiration he gets from Coleen, together they will be unstoppable!

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