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The idea of dieting and losing weight has been something Michelle has always feared. She has felt over the years that a diet would control her and not let her live her life. Since then, she has realized just how important it is, and knows at 26 years old, it has been just the opposite. Her weight has been controlling her life in another way-holding her back from living a full life. She has a beautiful face, but she knows she is not the total package on the outside until she drops to her ideal weight. This has prevented her from dating and also from pursuing a career path. She has the brains to take on any field, as she graduated high school in just three years and even earned her aviation engineering license. As a bridesmaid in her sister's upcoming wedding, she struggles with the thought of being remembered as the "other fat girl" standing next to her pregnant sister.

The TeamEdit

These two look more like sisters than mother and daughter. When Renee divorced Michelle's father, she did not speak to her mother for over six years. Michelle and her mom have finally rekindled their relationship and look forward to this chance to make up for lost time. Renee hopes this will lead to a full reconciliation with all of her children and she also hopes to meet her two-year-old granddaughter for the first time.

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