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Renee has always struggled with her weight. She remembers her dad calling her a "Fat Tomato" as a child and it is something that has always stuck with her. She feels that giving birth to five children has been hard on her body as she has gained and lost weight from each child. However, she can pinpoint her divorce as the main cause for weight gain. Renee has since remarried and feels the extra weight she carries is a burden to the relationship; she lacks energy and it hurts their social life together. She even finds ways to avoid her husband's formal dinner parties. At times, she does not even feel she recognizes the person she sees in the mirror. While she is active with volunteer work for her church, Renee knows she can be doing so much more. She also has a passion for interior decorating and travel. She hopes she and her husband can take a long overdo trip to Hawaii once she returns from "The Biggest Loser."

The TeamEdit

These two look more like sisters than mother and daughter. When Renee divorced Michelle's father, she did not speak to her mother for over six years. Michelle and her mom have finally rekindled their relationship and look forward to this chance to make up for lost time. Renee hopes this will lead to a full reconciliation with all of her children and she also hopes to meet her two-year-old granddaughter for the first time.

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