Sean Algaier
Sean Algaier
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BIO As a father and a youth pastor, Sean feels like his mission on this planet is to encourage and inspire. He knows it will be pretty hard to do that if he dies at an early age because he just could not say no to a Twinkie. Even now, he finds it hard to find the energy to keep up with his own children and is worried he won't be around to watch them grow up. Sean's issues with weight started at an early age. He was adopted at four years old and prior to that, bounced around from foster home to foster home.  Sean also happens to be a talented musician and singer. He loves to write music and perform whenever possible, but has been held back by his weight. He'd love to get back in the spotlight and losing the weight would be the thing that could jump start his career again, enabling him to encourage and inspire on an even larger scale. With his family behind him, Sean is ready to take on any challenges he may face on the show and make the change.

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He regained all of the biggest loser weight. Currently sitting at 450lbs.