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Growing up as the youngest child, she always felt she had to prove she was the best and could do anything. It is something that her parents instilled in her at a very young age. However, she has never been able to maintain that mindset when it comes to her weight. Stacey has been overweight all of her life. As a child she was always heavier than most of her classmates and often teased. Even though she was very athletic in high school, someone wrote in her friend's yearbook that she was fat. After a long commute, preparing dinner and helping with homework, the time available for exercise is time that most people use sleeping. When time does present itself, it is usually not enough to be effective. Stacey is a great cook so meals are always bountiful, but not always healthy. The recent death of a close friend only one year older than she is has forced Stacey to re-evaluate how she is balancing her life so that she can be around for the very thing she cherishes the most-her family. She will finally prove to herself that every goal that she has is attainable, even those that have precluded her since childhood. With Adam by her side, she is even more motivated to get it done.

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Power punches come in twos-this husband and wife know how to get the job done. They work together, commute together, and raise a family together. As former athletes, this focused pair is going to be tough to beat!

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