Tracey Yukich
Tracey Yukich
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Tracey did not start gaining weight until pregnancy, going from 113 pounds to over 250 by the time she had her fourth child. A combination of unfiltered eating during each pregnancy, and her husband being deployed for long periods of time with the Marines led to a constant struggle with depression, which led to more eating. Food was a crutch for Tracey and she turned to it constantly. She would not eat in front of others and when she did, it was a meager salad. Weight loss to Tracey is something she has on her brain when she goes to bed at night and when she wakes up in the morning. She wants to be able to run with her husband, who was a Marine, and not be completely out of breath. Tracey would like to take on the burden of providing for their family, and the prize money would be a great help to her husband's business.

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She revealed in the finale that she currently is a vegetarian.